Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Who Has Me Locked In Their Memory?


I wonder if anyone has me locked in their memory.

I carry the memories of many people with me wherever I go. There was this one guy in Standard One who drew a green tiger. Miss D'Cruz, our class teacher stopped at our table and asked him about it and he said yes, his tiger is green in colour. I can't recall his name but it was either Shahrul, Khairul or Zairul. He left for another school soon after.

Of course the opposite sex are well represented. A certain smile, a certain walk, a certain hairstyle and a certain shake of the head is more than enough to remind me of a person or two.

Some I have carried for decades but as I grow older, people tend to be less memorable. I guess I have met too many.

But my favourite..................., aaaaaah my favourite. For me to know and everyone else to wonder. Of course, that certain smile, walk, hairstyle and shake of the head, all in one.

I wonder if anyone has me locked in their memory...................


Friday, February 04, 2005

Love Letter From Someone You Don't Want To Receive One From.


From the Taxman.

I got hit a few weeks back with a letter from our Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri to the tune of RM 4430.84. Aiyoyi. Oh Zod, headache, head spinning. Frantic searching yielded only half of the documents that I needed. Oh my Zod, where are the rest....?

Hmmmmm..... the statement sure looked funny. Mr. Taxman said that I never paid any taxes in 1997 and 1998. That alone is strange since I started working many many moons ago, money have always been deducted from my salary. Monthly. That quart of blood. Without fail.

True enough, about two weeks ago, I found the documents that I needed - they were still in the box that was used to bring them back when I was finally transferred home five years ago.

Well, Mr. LHDN, according to my documents, you now owe me RM 5936.82.

I'm rich, I'm rich!!!! Phew!!! What a relief...


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Boy Problems


Oh boy, I think I got problems.

Listen to this one........

Girl is engaged to fiance. Fiance is no good. Ignore girl, not really a white knight in shining armour and broke all the time.

Girl finds boyfriend at work. Boyfriend treats girl well. Girl falls for boyfriend. Girl confused.

Girl says, "What if I were to marry my fiance but then carry on with my boyfriend after the wedding?"

A twist, the boyfriend is of another race, another religion.

I said like this one also got aaaaa?

What would your advice be?

I'm not making this up. Sometimes I feel like crying, sometimes I feel like laughing when I think about it.

The solution seemed obvious to me. Or is it?