Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some Things I Will Never Be....


Some things I will never be :

A billionaire.
Emak’s favorite.

Some things Lina will never be :

A billionairess.
Mama’s favorite.

Hahahahahahaha……… funny lah you ni H.

One day, during a kenduri at her house, while getting the house, the stuff, the food, the drinks, the everything ready for the kenduri, my Mak Lang (to differentiate from Lina’s Mak Lang), while talking talking talking to Lina, eventually said,

“………..yo lah, H tu kesayangan omak (my mother) kau kan?”

“Huh? H tu kesayangan omak? Mak Lang, H bukan kesayangan omak”,
Lina said.

She pondered for a while, and laughed, “Ha ha ha, yo tak yo jugak kan, H tu bukan kesayangan omak kau, ha ha.”

I am not emak’s favorite. Neither was I my late father’s favorite. I have no qualms about that. I maybe seventh out of eight, ya, that’s it, seventh out of eight for I think my Abang Usop is the least favorite, hahahahahahahahahaha…… but he goes on living his life, as I would mine. We learn as we go through life, our skin gets thicker. Some things hurt us, some things do not. Some things do not hurt us anymore. Some things matter, some things do not matter and some things do not matter anymore.

Being emak’s favorite, that’ll be the day.

These are my favorites.....


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sofia's Music Do

Sofia, having a good time with her cousins Nadia and Farah. Trust me, they are somewhere among the darkness....


After months of practice, miles of ferrying her to and fro the music school for practice, untold numbers of fast food, late night suppers and heartaches, last Sunday, 7 December, was the culmination of a very long (believe me) hectic period for Lina, me and of course, Sofia.

This year, Sofia played The Beautiful Blue Danube on the piano accompanied by a flute and violins, then she played a string of folk songs on the flute accompanying a posse of violinists and a keyboard and finally she was also in the choir, singing soprano, belting out Mamma Mia, Super Trouper and Ode to Joy.

This concert is a biannual affair that the music school arrange to appreciate the students, teachers and of course, us "Moneybags" parents. We started the day pretty early as they have last minute practice, last minute this and last minute that. Lots of this and that.

It was a tiring day and at the end of the affair, it was a happy one, with proud teachers, prouder students and the proudest of them all. parents, thinking, money well earned, money well spent and money gone, gone, gone, whoa whoa whoa tarrum tarrum tum tum (sung to the tune of You've Lost That Loving Feeling).

And today is my birthday. Happy Birthday... A cake, some candles from Lina and the children made this a very nice day, I must say...........



Monday, October 05, 2009

Shake Your Hari Raya Booties


Selamat Hari Raya to all.

Hari Raya means food, duit Raya and unfortunately, open houses. Kita ni yang go to orang’s open houses will meet orang yang kita tak kenal. People we do not know. Some, as we will find out later, are people whom we wish we have met before and some will make us wonder. One of the hazards of meeting people is shaking hands with with them, especially those who does not look at you when he or she does it. I hate it when people does that to me. I do not do that to people. Good people do not do that to people. Only jackasses do that. Lina gets pissed off when someone does that to her. Even kera's would look at you when you shake their hands. Try it. Pigs too. Not that I have shook a pig's hoofs but ask someone who has. I’ll bet you a dollar that pigs do look at you in the eye when you shake their hands, I mean hoofs.

And to top it up, most of them who do that are Malays, Orang Melayu. Shoot, even our Indian and Chinese colleagues do not do that. At the rate we are going, we may see that day when our budaya that is well known for being so bersopan santun go to the dogs. Shoot, even the dogs would want to stay away from these people. So, usually on our way out of the open houses or majlis's or do's, we’d give those abominations a miss.

Next time when you shake someone’s hands, see if they’d look at you in the eyes and pay you the proper respect as a human being. It's the least we could do to each other. After all, all of us will be in lowered in graves six feet deep and no rich person, powerful person or influential person will be in a shallower grave. If they do not look at you in the eyes, smack their heads. Tell them I told you to do it.

I need a machine gun.