Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Anjing Ketot


After work yesterday, I went to help a colleague, Meor, put together his bicycle that we brought from back home. The geniuses at the forwarding company managed to ruin his bike – they broke a component, a strip of aluminium about the size of my pinky, that is used to attaché the rear wheel’s gear-changing mechanism to the bike. Without that there thing, we don't have a bicycle. We managed to machine a copy of the thing at a workshop here.

Once we put together his bike, I went home, got changed and cycled to his house, about a kilometer or so away. One of those nice episodes in life. We just cycled by the highway nearby, only turning back when it got dark. He went home and I veered off to go back home too.

Later, I messaged him,

”wei meor, aku kena kejo anjing tadi. nasib baik anjing ketot, kalau kena alabai*, lunyai aku. basikal aku pun dia makan. dua ekor pulak tu. nasib baik dua-dua anjing tu ketot.”

On the way back from Meor’s house, I did some thinking. It was good being able to exercise a bit and enjoy it. I guess cycling – in moderation – is a good exercise for me now. Now, subuh here starts just before 4 am. and ends just before 6 am. When I wake up for solat subuh, and I don’t go to the office until 7.40 am, that gives well over one and a half hours to do something. I could cycle for half an hour a few mornings a week. I’m not that ambitious, a few mornings a week would do. Jogging is simply too violent at times. Hard on the ankles, hard on the knees, hard on the hips, hard on the flab and finally, hard at this age, heh heh. At my weight, I should have been another 10 inches taller. But I am not. So I guess cycling is a good way for me to lose weight, put back some steel muscles where steel muscles should be. Maybe if the results are good, I could take it one step further and maybe graduate to going to the gym, put more steel on those steel muscles where steel muscles should be, go on to winning the Mr. Universe title once or twice, or three times, star in a few movies, after which I’d be the Governor of California.

But that was when those Cujos ketot brought me back down to earth.

* alabai – a local breed of dogs that are huge. Just a little smaller than your St. Bernard.