Saturday, June 09, 2007

Back in Town


In Edinburgh, that is. It is tiring when it's somewhere for a week or two, back to the office for a week, away for another week, then back to the office for a week, then away for another week. Story of my life for the last 2 months... The lousiest thing about this trip is that it's during the school holidays. When Nazzim goes back to his school on Sunday, I won't be around. Lina has to handle everything.

Lina got it nearly as bad as her mom, being left behind by their spouses that is. She thought marrying someone not from the armed forces would change things but no such luck. Once when we were posted out of the country, I was away offshore for a total of forty days, she handled Nazzim and Sofia alone. Nazzim was nearly four and Sofia was nearly two then. Everyday when she walked around our housing compound, my officemates' wives would ask her if I am back and when they found out that I was still out at sea, they'd just shake their heads.

Ah well, I really got her something this time.

Please please please make her like it.

Like them like them, I got her more than one...... Just want to make sure ma...

I think she will.

The flight to Amsterdam was kinda routine. I watched 3 movies, slept maybe for 2 hours and hassled the stewardess. She was bored, so I asked for stuff to nibble on. This time I felt the jet lag. Only last night was I able to sleep and not wake up at 4 in the morning. I woke up at 5 in the morning instead. Went to Glasgow today to do some shopping and got Nazzim a pair of Clarks. If he doesn't like them, I'll have them, thank you. That's why they are in my size. His feet are a bit smaller than mine but with thick socks, he can wear my shoes. Maybe he'll like them, Maybe he won't....... I got Sofia a Clarks satchel. She'll like them. She likes everything I bring her. I still have tomorrow to figure out what to do in Edinburgh. Maybe I'll go to Dundee.

Ah well, this Monday there'll be another meeting and I'll go to Aberdeen on Monday for another day of meeting and visiting some people there. I'll leave here Wednesday and be back home by Thursday evening, catch up with a friend who will be leaving the next day, go to work late on Friday and look at the weekend in the face. I've pretty much done my shopping and life is so sweet.

I hope this will be my last trip to Scotland. I think it will be. I wanna go somewhere else....