Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poor Jack

Jack in his manja pose, with bandaged leg and all....


About a month ago, Jack came home limping and with a bloodied rear right leg, making Lina thought that he had been in a fight. She took him to the vet and the vet said that most likely he had been run over by a vehicle. The vet shaved the fur on his right rear leg and it was a mess. There were real concerns that he would lose that leg. The vet told us to go to the animal hospital in UPM in Serdang. It was already late so Lina had to wait till the next day and took Jack home.

Since he was unwell, we let him sleep in Sofia's room. The first night at home, he attacked his bandaged leg and he bit and scratched Sofia. Imagine Sofia calling me at 4 am, crying and saying something about Jack going crazy.

Dr. Nurul at the animal hospital at Serdang was a big help. I was impressed on how she and her assistant handled Jack, claws, teeth and all. Yes, Jack was badly hurt. We had to leave Jack for a few days there. The house was not the same without him.

Three days later, he came home. We, with Lina leading, we had to change his bandages every day. Make him eat his medications every day. You should see him with his head turned all the way to the back, trying to avoid eating his pills.

He's much better now. He's still limping but he's still King of the house.

Well people, go to that animal hospital in UPM Serdang. Those people know what they are doing and thank you Dr. Nurul, Dr. Tan and all you people there.