Sunday, October 19, 2008

Precious Times

Pretty soon, weather like the one seen above will be gone. Taken at Chuli, May '08.


I am Suvarnabhumi Airport now, it's 1 pm, Sunday, 19 October 2008. The problem is, I should have been here thirty hours ago. I was supposed to catch the Friday 7 pm flight out of Goatsville but because of a few things not completed at work, I have to delay my flight home for some thirty hours. Things I should have done over the week. Things I could have done over the week. But then, come to think of it, I tried starting many of the things, I managed to most but not all and a few was left out until last Friday. Then there was the meeting with Greater Goatsville's Agency's people. A meeting, where, ha ha, I nearly lost my temper, ha ha. Again. Kecik aje aku nampak mamat tu.....

I really really had no choice but to change to the flight this morning. Grrrrr..... I'm angry with myself really, for poor time management. But then, the last week was a busy one, with No. 2 coming here. In case some of you are trying to be funny, no, it was not Wife No. 2 OK, don't have one. Then hosting the Hari Raya Open House. That was a lot of fun. Ya, there was a lot to do. Meor's farewell. Problem with the goat techs, both in Goatsville and back home.

Yes, there was a lot to do but there were lessons tobe learned - use at least 8 of the 8 hours that I have everyday at work!!

The weather is starting to get cold again. I bring a jacket whenever I go out. Some of us were caught with Tshirts only a few days ago and the next day at the office, a few were seen booming away their sneezes. Sojuk lor, sekarang ni.
So, another few hours of waiting and surfing in good old Suvarnabhumi before the flight. God, I think I can apply for permanent residency at this airport ma....
Diam tak diam, when I returned home for Raya last month, it was exactly a year since I took the new posting. Not an easy year. Not an easy posting. Not an easy job. Another two years maybe before all my hair and sanity starts to go. That's it. Enough. On most nights, before I go to bed, I'd open the bedroom window, have a smoke, stare out towards the town me and wonder - What the f_ck am I doing here? Is the price I am paying too high? Are they paying me enough for this?
Ah well, just get on with this thing called life then........

Thursday, October 16, 2008



A friend, Meor, left us today for another job somewhere else. He’s left to join his family and greener pastures and certainly better futures. I am glad for him and his family.

But I lost a good friend. He was well on his way to becoming a better friend, just like another friend I wrote about a while back. I have known him less than a year and sometimes thinking about it, it seemed unfair that such a good person could just move away and be gone just like that. I have lost a friend who started us to take up cycling here. I have lost a friend who said that I prompted him to cook when I invited him over for a meal or two earlier this year. I have no clue why but I guess any home cooked meal is better than most of the meals that we can find in the restaurants here. He is the only person who eats cili api with hotdogs, baked beans and fried eggs for breakfast.

“Wei, aku pun suka makan cili api tapi taklah dengan American breakfast!!!”

Now when we say ”Mior”, we mean the only “Mior” left here, for when “Meor” was here too, we’d have to say “Mior I” or “Meor E” as there were two similar sounding names. Now we don’t have to bother anymore for we know that we will be talking about “Mior I” only. We can drop the “I” now, for there’s no “Meor E” anymore.

His parting words before he left Aziz and me was, “Too bad I didn’t meet you guys earlier”.

Yes, too bad since, I got a friend here back after a year, only to lose another one to a brighter future.

You win some, you lose some.

I need a new friend.