Thursday, October 13, 2005

Oh Well.....


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7 things to do before I die...
1. See both Nazzim and Sofia get married, have children of their own and be able to tell them not to marah2 my lovely grandchildren.
2. Retire when I am still in good health, play golf 3 times a week on weekdays and hang out with my friends and compare grandchildren!!!
3. Sleep in the back seat while either Nazzim or Sofia is driving.
4. Travel for a full year around the world until I get so sick and tired of traveling and just want to go home and sleep for a month……..
5. Gather all my favorite people in the world just to spend some quality time with them, like breakfast, lunch, dinner and ngeteh!
6. Keep my mouth shut and speak lesser and lesser and lesser. And smile a bit more.
7. The standard Haji and 12 Umrahs etc. etc. etc.

7 things I cannot do
1. Swim!!!! I was taking lessons and very very close to knowing how to swim about 13 years ago but then my swimming teacher got pregnant. Dog paddle, OK. Wei, bukan doggie style lah!!!!
2. Even start to like people such as Pak Malau, Benny the Snake, Lan X-tra, Rahman Large, Man Togetherness, Rahman Bengkuk, Paolo Rossi and a few people in that place. OK OK, many people in that place!!!! Happy? Now Rahman Small dah join the list dah, can’t keep his trap shut….
3. Wear short pants in public, especially at this age!! Seeing how ugly people look in them, with their skinny legs, pengkau stance or sepah walk. I assume that I will look as bad. But it’s OK to wear them on the playing fields…… Now that’s different……..
4. Drive a golf ball 400 metres.
5. Play football, rugby non-stop lie I used to, wear jeans like I used to be able to. Has to do with body size and fitness, boo hoo hoo……..
6. Watch movies that have Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Jean Claude van Damme, Steven Seagall, Sylvester Stallone and recently, Tom Cruise in them.
7. Eat carrots.

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1. Short hair
2. Nonchalance
3. Down to earth, no eksyen eksyen one…
4. Smiling eyes
5. Walking style. Not like a model’s catwalk but neither like some taiko’s walk either….
6. Voice, not shrilly. Speaks slowly and with a lot of sense and not hearsay.
7. Enjoy my company. Otherwise, tak mau lah.

7 things I say more often
1. Putangina makan jambu!!!!
2. Jangan ngada-ngada…
3. Pundek betul……………….
4. Hey you…..
5. Hi
6. Whatever you do, do not…...
7. Why did you do that for?

7 celebrity crushes
1. Ashley Judd
2. Ashley Judd (Again)
3. Kate Hudson
4. Helen Hunt
5. Julia Ormond in Sabrina
6. Carole Bouquet in For Your Eyes Only
7. Diane Lane in Streets of Fire.

7 people that I want to do this
1. Red
2. Rostam
3. AntaraAdaDanTiada (You know who you are)
4. Mummy
5. KC - dah buat ke belum?
6. Nadya
7. Shidah

I have to go away. After I come back, I'll go away again.....